Partnering with Pet Parents

You love your pet and want to care for them as best you can. We partner with you for their behavioral needs, from manners, to tricks, to sports, to behavior modification. With the only approach supported by the Veterinary Behavior Community.

Partnering with Veterinarians

You are the first, and last, line of defense when it comes to the well-being of your patients. You took the Hippocratic Oath and it defines what you do. We're here to help you ensure that when it comes to your patients' behavioral needs, no harm is ever done.


The Central Florida Force-Free Trainers & Veterinary Behavior Network's mission is to first and foremost DO NO HARM to the animals we have been entrusted with educating. To teach, guide, and coach their caregivers so they can take ownership of their animals' education, and to do so through interactions based on rewards, respect for their animals' needs, mutual trust, and love.